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Audemars Piguet × Art × Chinese New Year

Audemars Piguet × Art × Chinese New Year


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Chinese New Year (CNY) is the most historic festivity in Asia dating back to 14th Century(B.C) in Shang Dynasty. Since then, three classic traditions are pillars to CNY:

– BaiNian (拜年), where family and friends visit each other’s homes with gifts and well wishes.

– Candy Box (全盒), with compartments of treats for guests to gather and enjoy together.

– Red Packets (紅包), envelopes within which tokens of care, such as money, chocolates or gold coins are shared.

In this gifting promotional campaign, the three key traditions are designed into one gift. Celebrating the brand’s annual theme of APxArt, traditional CNY themes are distilled into abstract layers, painting intelligent double-meanings and breathing modernity into this classic festivity.

The duo-layer design on the candy box cover creates a sense of depth for the scene of homecoming, with chimney and doorway leading into the brand origins of mountainous Le Brassus.

The four red packets each depict a traditional CNY greeting:

– Mountains reflect the brand origins and the greeting of ‘ever-improvement’.

– Tangerines, a pun to ‘luck’ in Chinese, wishes ‘lucky abundance’.

– Flowers, a symbol of the greeting: ‘blooming wealth’.

– Doorway with red papers to bless ‘safe journeys always’.