To A Creative Year Ahead

To A Creative Year Ahead

To A Creative Year Ahead


Ruth Chao Studio


Packaging Design, Identity Design, Brand Copywriting, Photoshoot Art Direction & Management

Dating back to 14th Century(B.C), Chinese New Year is the most historic festivals in Asia. A time for celebrations, loved ones traditionally gift each other with wishes of wealth and fortune. Never endeavoured before, we extend the theme of creativity to Chinese New Year, revamping traditional wishes of ‘blooming wealth’ and ‘lucky abundance’ into innovative wishes for a Creative New Year.

Beginning with the red pockets, the designs originate atop traditional shades of red and gold into a contemporary palette of vibrancy, whimsical and witty in its expressions, celebrating creativity as:

– A play in the mind: Creativity is ’intelligence having fun’.
– A thoughtful journey: Creativity is ’a happy wonder’.
– A bridge between perspectives: Creativity is ‘a mirror of worlds’.
– A fusion of ideas: Creativity is ‘a marriage of minds’.

Each red pocket, unique in colour, has an originally-shaped flap, opening up to a surprise greeting within: ‘Wishing you a Creative New Year’

The key graphic is created by overlapping two red pockets designs in an innovative printing technique, to form a superimposed image as a creative celebration of time. Sparking both the curiosity and the tastebuds, boxes of cookies were gifted to create a sensory feast for the sight, taste and mind.